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The Duo backpack vacuum features a specialised by-pass motor to deliver additional motor protection for areas where accidental suction of liquid may occur.

As a backpack it will give you increased freedom to move and tackle hard to reach areas with ease, with a motor providing strong suction power to see you power through your daily vacuuming tasks.

Duo comes with our Ecoharness which features three levels of height adjustability, comfortable thick padding, a breathable mesh backing and is made from at least 50% recycled plastic materials.

This vacuum features a pre-motor cone filter, delivering cleaner air for your environment.

You’ll enjoy an 18m long cord, allowing you to complete your vacuuming without having to switch power points all the time, and a cord holder to keep your cord neat and tidy, preventing tripping and tangling hazards.

*Duo comes with five disposable paper cone dust bags and two reusable SMS cone dust bags in the box.


Disposable Paper Bags - 10 Pack

Disposable Synthetic Bags - 10 Pack

Replacement Cloth Bag

Cone Filter

Replacement Floor Tool

Replacement Hose and Elbow

Replacement Lid

Replacement Back Pad and Waist Straps

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